The NLNG Train 7


The NLNG Train 7 project is an impressive collaboration between Saipem of Italy, Chiyoda of Japan, and Daewoo of Korea, known as the SCD Joint Venture. They worked together to construct one complete LNG train and an additional liquefaction unit, plus other associated utilities and infrastructure, at the Bonny Island facility in Nigeria.


But the challenges they faced were significant, with digital transformation at such a large scale proving difficult. Their existing systems were incompatible with full digital delivery, and coordinating teams across continents was no small feat. So, they turned to Teknobuilt to help them overcome these obstacles and realize the many benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning.


Through a unique approach of AWP simulation, Teknobuilt was able to help the core AWP team become internal champions for the cause, driving the implementation across the project from engineering to construction. The AWP system was configured and customized to make it compatible with existing processes and IT systems, resulting in a reduction in manual effort and the elimination of duplicate data handling.

PACE OS Platform

Advanced Project Execution (APE) Modules

Path of Construction – Unit View

Path of Construction – Unit View

Digital Control Tower – One platform for 360o view from end-to-end


Thanks to Teknobuilt’s efforts, the JV partners achieved full-scale integration with existing design tools and engineering reference systems. The PACE OS enabled digital collaboration, improving coordination and alignment across departments, and even allowing for remote work and remote processing during the pandemic. In the end, the JV partners were able to achieve instantaneous visibility and granularity across packages and individual documents, forging better alignment between the partners despite the challenges of distance and organizational structure.