Working with you in Construction Planning & Estimating for Alignment with AWP

Excerpts from the “Estimating in step with Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) for enhanced project control” AACE International Conference, June 2017

Lakshmanan Simhadri; Yogesh Srivastava; Glen Warren

After Project sanctioning, how often do the same people who had worked to provide quantities, factoring criteria and allowances working with estimating group in FEED continue to keep the visibility in detail engineering? Do our processes give us the fidelity where we can design to the quantity and have awareness of the changes before the real costs come back? Instead of broad brushing the allowances, could stratified allowances improve the estimate quality? How would you do that?

L3 Schedule resource loaded for the planned construction sequence – FEED deliverable

  • Early definition of Engineering & Construction Work Packages (EWP/CWP)
  • Need MTOs by Engineering & Construction Work Package (EWP/CWP)
  • Need contracting plan (estimate basis)
  • Need construction sequencing and scheduling
  • Estimate details with appropriate coding of labor activities
  • Provide man-hours by CWP and by Contract to Project Controls for resource loading
  • Ensures alignment of schedule with estimate and provides a precise basis for monitoring & control

Construction Planning inputs by CWP

Construction planning group provides:

  • Planned start and finish dates by CWP and by Contract

Estimating provides to Construction Planning:

  • Quantified labor operations by CWP and by Contract
  • Budget hours by CWP and by Contract
  • Breakdown of hours by Prime Account
  • Cost Control charts customized to Project Controls needs

Example of Estimating Mosaic Report – Reproduced with permission from PPEI International