Intelligent Supply Chain & Materials

About ISCM

PACE OS iSCM provides visibility of all material quantities and equipment required by digital container from the materials management system and validates that all the materials are available for the digitized container ROS dates. The system also provides alerts when material quantities are late or missing with alerts and communication action tracking for dynamic response to issues. PACE provides the ability to select required support services and material based on scope and priority of IWP's. The system the selection and allocation of support services and material included in readiness checks for IWP. Responsible individuals/roles are Identified  for IWP readiness and service requests mandated in PACE 

ISCM Modules

The modules bring visibility and certainty to your materials requirements, starting with design quantities and how it is moving through the supply chain process - from purchasing, transportation, logistics and at site.

Engineering Quantity Manager

The module digitally tracks material with full visibility and accountability of location and obstacles from early stage which helps in early problem resolution and thus reduces wastage of time.

  • - It gives visibility to the design generated quantities (Material Take-off) data according to the Engineering Work Packages

  • - It consists of Preliminary MTO, Intermediate MTO and the Final MTO

  • - It brings the delta of between Preliminary, Intermediate & Final MTO at any line-item user can generate action

Kanban Material Management

It is a digitally integrated solution to increase transparency and accountability of material from initial stage to final stage.

  • - It offers granularity, full traceability and accountability to materials by work packages starting from the requisitioning stage, purchase orders, supplier, transportation and logistics to warehouse

  • - It keeps track at the subcontractor level for materials being issued, overages, shortages and damages 

  • - It fully integrates with your in-house supply chain function from procurement to material management

Pre-Construction Material Planning & Allocation

It gives the ability to manage quantity required by construction with the purchased quantities and reserve as needed. It also provides dynamic updates of excess, shortages and tracking by construction work packages

  • - Material once reached to the site warehouse  can be allocated to CWPs as per the priority of the execution

  • - Material can be drawn and released from any material allocated or unallocated to CWPs

  • - Action can be generated for any line item if there is any issue Digital ledger is maintained for any allocation or de-allocation

Intelligent Procurements Work

It is a Package based material status interactive dashboard.

  • - Gives holistic view of material: Area wise, CWP/EWP wise

  • - Provides detail of available material and deficient material

  • - Mosaic view for better understanding of area, package or material to be focused on.

Installation Work Pack Quantities

It digitally tracks materials at Installation Work Package level

  • - Materials that are allocated to CWP can be issued for any activity being performed to the linked IWPs

  • - Digital Issue slip can be generated, and it can be printed for Contractor/Sub-contractor to issue the material from the warehouse

  • - Digital ledger is maintained for every item being issued for IWP

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