Nextgen HSE: Beyond the Zero Harm Approach, the Physical, Mental and Social Well-being

Alberta Focus: Understanding Bill 30 Legislation, OHSA, WCB & Gap Analysis Workshop

Bill 30 passed in Alberta on 15 Dec 2017 with most sections coming in force by June 1, 2018 has some important implications on the employers, employees, suppliers and contractors. This workshop covers the following key elements on HSE as it pertains to the Bill 30:

  • Obligations of employers, workers, prime contractors etc.
  • Health, Safety – Physical, Psychological and Societal Well-being
  • Collaborative approach through Joint health and safety committee
  • Situational awareness & worker rights, Availability of information, Competency management

Regulatory Compliance: Nextgen HSE Management System Workshop

Understanding the minimum requirements of HSE Program, Incident Management: Causes of Incidents, Hazards/Risks Management, Operational Discipline through technology infusion and integration of HSE processes with front line work execution system, this workshop will help your organization come up to speed with the regulatory requirements, best practices and provide you the means to start complying with them.


The “Plus One” Organizational Change Workshop: HSE impact on Productivity & Profits

Going beyond the Zero Harm approach within the workplaces, we take the future of health, safety and productivity to the next level. Focusing on the employee’s physical, mental and social well-being, this workshop blends organizational culture and HSE Programs to deliver superior work execution efficiency that benefits both, employees and corporations.

Integrated Health, Safety & Environment in Planning & Execution

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  • How to achieve Breakthrough to improve Safety Culture?
  • How can Leadership make a significant impact?
  • How does HSE program add to your bottom line?
Safety as Paper Work – Missing the obvious
Poor Compliance
As human beings – we are wired to take short cuts
Disengagement at work

Demotivated workforce due to accidents and other related illness, make them less engaged at the work they are performing.

Loss of Productivity

Disengaged workforce means work is not performed at its best and loss of productivity. Also, disruption in scheduled work due to accidents adds to the productivity Loss.

Increased costs

Accidents result not only in direct medical expenses, but also in increased indirect costs due to disengaged labor force, productivity losses and delayed project completions.

Avoid being marooned in Islands of Solutions

Disconnected Safety Management Systems

Industry Information on Safety

  • What do these statistics mean?
  • What Impact does this have on business success and labor morale?
  • How to address those problems

Nextgen HSE Program can help

Connecting the top floor to the shop floor©

Good culture, great people, good system

Authority to work safe / stop unsafe behaviors

Proactive safety program

Solid post incident management program that avoids recurrence

System evaluation and trending real time

Rapid lesson learning© and taking action / bringing change

Engage all stakeholders (include subcontractors, visitors)