NextGen HSE Training

NextGen HSE Training provides health and safety online courses and certificates for in Energy, Power and the Utility industries to meet the demand in workplace occupational health and safety for a more skilled, competent, and safe workforce.

Now you can access your course on tablets and smartphones! Download our free Learning App from Google and Apple stores once and it will work for all our mobile courses including our free ones! You can switch between the desktop, tablet, and phone resuming from where you left off!

Courses are offered in 3 categories:


Alberta OH&S Awareness2 hours
Alberta OH&S for Utilities2 hours
Critical Incident Investigation2 hours
Emergency Response Planning (ERP)3 hours
Energy Isolation2 hours
Hazard Assessment Procedures2 hours
Hazard Assessment Procedures for Managers2 hours
Hazard Recognition2 hours
Health and Safety Committees1 hour
Health and Safety Program Basics2 hours
Industrial Hygiene Program Training2 hours
Job Safety Analysis1 hour
Standard First Aid Overview1 hour
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)3 hours
WHMIS 1988 - 20152 hours
Workplace Inspections1 hour


Asbestos Awareness2 hours
Benzene Awareness1 hour
Distractions and Proactive Driver Training1 hour
Fall Protection Equipment (FPE)2 hours
General Fire Safety2 hours
General Fire Safety for Managers2 hours
Ground Disturbance and Evacuations2 hours
Ground Disturbance and Evacuations (IRP 17)2 hours
H2S and Other Toxic Substance Awareness2 hours
H2S Safety Training2 hours
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material2 hours
Overhead Power Line Awareness2 hours
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)1 hour
Preventing Back and Other Workplace Injuries1 hour
Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)2 hours
Working in Confined Spaces2 hours


Alberta Driver Hours of Service Limits2 hours
Bear Safety Awareness1 hour
Cold Stress Awareness1 hour
Driver Hours of Service Limits (Federal)2 hours
General Electrical Safety2 hours
General Fire Safety for Managers2 hours
GHS (Globally Harmonized System)1 hour
Hazard Assessment Procedures for Managers2 hours
Heat Illness Awareness1 hour
Hydrate Awareness1 hour
Ladder Safety Training1 hour
Mold Awareness1 hour
Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection2 hours
Spill Response and Recovery1 hour
Standard First Aid Overview2 hours
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)3 hours
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Awareness2 hours
Wildlife Awareness3 hours
Workstation Ergonomics1 hour