Productivity and Mindfulness: Beyond Documents & Data, Engaging the People

  • Productivity and Mindfulness Workshop for Leadership

Studies show that when senior leadership members demonstrate mindfulness, employees gain a sense of unspoken approval to partake into activities that enable them to be more productive.


  • Smart Orientation for Organizations and Project Sites

This is our enhanced offering that includes a 60 minute “Productivity Orientation” to the regular corporate or site orientation programs that usually have the HSE orientation. It helps employees achieve greater awareness and interest in acquiring productivity as a habit. Any work place that can build a culture of personal and social well-being while increasing productivity can certainly benefit the bottom line.


  • The “Plus One” Organizational Change Workshop

Going beyond the Zero Harm approach within the workplaces, we take the future of health, safety and productivity to the next level. Focusing on the employee’s physical, mental and social well-being, this workshop blends organizational culture and HSE Programs to deliver the maximum benefits to both employees and corporations.


Becoming Productive and Mindfulness Concept





“Being Productive” – Helping Organizations & Teams Acquire a New Habit

Build an Organizational Culture Fostering Mental and Social Well-Being

Convergence of knowledge, skill & desire makes a new habit. Practicing Mindfulness can lead to acquiring the habit of being productive.

Mindfulness is an inside-out practice that leadership and teams follow in great organizations with a clear strategic intent to improve or evolve.

The Common Difficulties

Mindfulness – how does it benefit my company?

It’s all about meditation and focusing your mind. That’s hard!