Water Distribution Project


JWIL is a holistic water management company in India. The project involved a water treatment plant of capacity 59MLD, with 2422KM pipeline and 180 overhead tanks for providing 1,02,370 house service connections in an area that covered 424 villages.

What were the Challenges?

  • The project was geographically dispersed with many sub-contractors and delays in execution
  • Since the area of the project was very large it was difficult for a senior management personnel to monitor the progress at every location
  • Daily progress reports were managed on Excel resulting in excess resource utilization and duplication of work
  • There wasn’t any visibility of real time progress because reports were delayed due to manual processes

How we resolved the challenges?

  • Using PACE OS, the workflows were streamlined and processes were made efficient by turning them digital
  • Mobile App provided near real-time visibility to on-site execution
  • PACE helped the top management get a glimpse of real time project information on geo map enabling faster decision making
  • PACE provided a 360-degree view through digital control tower with real time KPIs that gave the real time project report directly from the site as soon as the information was uploaded.
  • The data was filtered on daily, weekly and monthly basis thus saving resources for manually creating reports

What was the impact?

  • Enabled fully digital onsite visibility & GIS tracking & subcontractor management
  • Ensured on-time delivery of milestones and project
  • Provided real time progress reports
  • Enabled 360-degree visibility of the project
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