Technicia 2k18 event

Technicia 2k18 event

Teknobuilt Successfully Concluded the RICS SBE Technicia 2k18 event!
It is very exciting that by virtue of piloting this project. we can expect students to provide the user experience and rigor to further the research and expand our wings in other regions down the line.

Event Details:

1) AWP – Pre-construction planning using Advanced Work Packaging, a CII-COAA Best Practice
2) OSE – On-site execution driving productivity by introducing LEAN principles in construction
3) HSE – Nextgen Health, Safety & Environment – breaking through the safety plateau in improving site safety with emphasis in reducing serious injuries and fatalities
4) MAC – Improving site access efficiency and accountability using SMART Mobilization and Access Control.

Part of this entailed presentations, evaluating the application in the Indian built environment, piloting a construction project on campus through the system and an opportunity to try the platform hands on. The expected outcomes were:

The current regional Indian environment relating to the specific topic of the curriculum including:
(a) Governing Regulations
(b) Industry/Best Practices Recommendations
(c) Current Practices by reputable organizations

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