THRIL (The Health, Safety and Environment Resource iLibrary)

THRIL offers over 40 online courses and are designed to meet the different requirements of provincial and federal government legislations as well as to provide an incremental learning path leading towards three competency-based online certificates.

The Health Safety and Environment Resource iLibrary (THRIL) is a comprehensive library of courses that was established to
provide a path of incremental learning leading towards three competency-based certificates. Certification Maintenance and
Registration Program Points (CMP) are awarded or eligible for these certificates from the:

  • Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP- 0.5 CMPs = 6 hours) ,
  • Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH – 0.5 point per 3 hours and 1.0 point per 6 hours),
  • American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH – 2 points)  and
  • The University of Calgary Continuing Education awards up to 30 hours of credit towards their EHS certificate.

To obtain credits from University of Calgary the student will need to complete 45 hours of THRIL training through Gemini.

To obtain the Safety Practitioner (SP) certificate you require 12 hours of THRIL training from the Core Courses.

To obtain the Safety Specialist (SS) certificate you require the SP certificate prerequisite and 12 hours of THRIL training from the Elective Courses.

To obtain the Safety Technologist (ST) certificate you require the SP and SS certificate prerequisites and 12 hours training from courses in the Enrichment Series. This advanced certificate offers Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSPs), Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSPs) and Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROHs) a solution to easily and inexpensively obtain compulsory certification maintenance points to preserve designations.

Courses from the THRIL Library

Critical Incident Investigation2 hours
Energy Isolation2 hours
Hazard Assessment Procedures2 hours
Hazard Assessment Procedures for Managers2 hours
Hazard Recognition2 hours
Health and Safety Committees1 hour
Health and Safety Program Basics2 hours
Job Safety Analysis1 hour
Standard First Aid Overview1 hour
WHMIS 1988-2015 (GHS)2 hours
Workplace Inspections1 hour
Asbestos Awareness2 hours
Benzene Awareness1 hour
Distractions and Proactive Driver Training1 hour
Fall Protection Equipment (FPE)2 hours
General Fire Safety2 hours
General Fire Safety for Managers2 hours
H2S and Other Toxic Substance Awareness2 hours
H2S Safety Training2 hours
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material2 hours
Overhead Power Line Awareness2 hours
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)1 hour
Preventing Back and Other Workplace Injuries1 hour
Working in Confined Spaces2 hours
Bear Safety Awareness1 hour
Cold Stress Awareness1 hour
General Electrical Safety2 hours
Heat Illness Awareness1 hour
Ladder Safety Training1 hour
Mold Awareness1 hour
Wildlife Awareness3 hours
Workstation Ergonomics1 hour
Recruiting Talent1 hour
Retaining Talent1 hour

Optional Courses

Bullying Prevention2 hours
Journey to Respect and Control2 hours
Preventing Hazard in the Workplace2 hours
Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship2 hours
Your Rights and Responsibilities at Work2 hours