“It’s the Process, the Package is a bonus…”

Making WorkFace Planning “work” rather than “paper work”

In the last 10 years or so, when it comes to field execution using the IWP (previously FIWP – Field Installation Work Packages) practical insights from projects reveal a big drive in package building exercise. However, taking note of an ongoing mega project and another one that is almost completed, the feedback from site superintendents have been positive for workface planning giving them a formal structured method to go after engineering, materials and services ahead of time to establish an uninterrupted flow of work for the crew. The packages itself with steps showing how to do the work as been least relevant. What is included in the package and how its perceived as the purpose is extremely important!

The emphasis has to be on removing the hurdles for field execution and not adding another burden on the foreman and crews.

How often do you come across FIWPs (Field Installation Work Packages) that are being created because the Owners want it but the site isn’t using it?

Packages being released to field but missing materials, scaffolding…

What about a contractor just doing it to get started at site and move-in? And after that its the usual!

“So you’d like to tell me how to do my job step by step and keep telling you where I am at..”