Eliminate Delays & Out-of-Sequence Work

Get aligned early, stay ahead of delays and keep your team on track

Tailored to You

Customize and configure for your specific needs with ease and precision

Streamline Your Project Execution

Centralized way to track, manage & share your project’s progress

Start Your Projects Strong and Deliver with Confidence

APE’s Modular Solution Enables Proactive Planning, Real-Time Insights, and Seamless Integration Across All EPC Deliverables and Tasks

Create and manage technical and non-technical project deliverables

Manage revisions, track progress, and ensure completeness of deliverables

Access live information and manage engineering packages with a digital document register

Reduce paperwork with digital approval, ensuring complete readiness before site installation

Explore the APE Modules 

Geo Plot Manager (POC)

Efficiently Manage and Visualize Geospatial Data
  • Ties plot plans digitally to GIS for accurate site mapping and visualization
  • Enables visualization of construction sequence and materials for effective project planning
  • Allows creation of easily modifiable construction overlays for efficient site management
  • Provides real-time data and communication among stakeholders to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks
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Documents & Deliverables Management

Effective Document Handling & Delivery
  • Track documents and deliverables automatically for up-to-date information
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members, clients, and vendors for easy sharing and review
  • Customize workflows for document review and approval to fit your project’s needs
  • Protect documents with role-based access controls and version control for secure access
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Engineering Work Packages (EWP)

Optimize Engineering Processes
  • Includes detailed documentation to ensure accurate and consistent engineering work
  • Streamlines workflow for efficient completion of engineering work, reducing errors and delays
  • Implements quality control measures to ensure work meets required standards and specifications
  • Provides real-time visibility for project managers to monitor progress and make informed decisions
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Pre-Construction Planning

Successfully Plan Your Project
  • Optimizes construction sequence aligned with engineering and material requirements
  • Start planning before 3D module is available and intelligently transition to 3D
  • Setup progress requirements and milestones needed for work completion
  • Manage all upstream content required from engineering, control and scope downstream by construction contractors
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Workfront Builder

Automate Work Sequences
  • Includes a ticket based constraint management system, provides initial basis for overall site resource loading
  • The only Building Information Modeling (BIM) to contain all necessary components
  • Enables document management, 2D and 3D views with AutoCAD-based drawing and integrated Revit-based model
  • Coordinates and sequences the work progress to eliminate breakdowns and drive down costs
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