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Plus One Approach to Digital HSE - Go Beyond Goal Zero

Construction safety software - ‘Plus One Approach’ by bringing pro-activeness in HSE as one of its core values​

Don’t settle for zero harm

  • Teknobuilt construction health and safety software offers a ‘Plus One Approach’ by bringing pro-activeness in HSE as one of its core values
  • It holds significant value as it embeds a culture of going beyond safety towards holistic well-being that encapsulates physical, social and mental wellness

PACE HSE Mobile App – A powerful modular plug and play safety app

  • Enables to digitize the field engineers and workers as part of daily working
  • Digital field level and job level safety assessments
  • Quick and easy incident reporting & Automated capture of geo-location
  • Consists of offline functionality – synched with the real time dashboards once online
  • Digital permits to work
  • Digital audit & compliance 
construction health and safety software PACE HSE mobile app
iCARE APP - Reporting Unsafe ActsConditions​

iCARE – Good Spot Process

  • Digital forms embedding a dynamic and interactive reporting system to collect the observations on-site, propose corrective actions to the user, based on the risk assessment using Machine Learning​
  • Multi-language voice recognition-based chatbots​
  • Integrate paper based forms through Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​
  • Construction health and safety management software helps to report unsafe acts/conditions, good behavior (encouraging safety practices), sustainability issues, and suggest opportunities for improvement​
  • Automated reports and enables granular insight to projects for informed decision making

360 Degree PACE HSE Digital Control Tower

  • Full drill-down ability to units and areas for Leading and Lagging indicators of safety on regular intervals, action items opened , hold, slow or completed 
  • Enables multiple stakeholder management by controlling the scope & safety of man and material, removing interruptions, reducing rework
  • Provides the shortest route for decisions makers across the organizational hierarchy to work as an agile team, turning insights into actions
  • Frontline engagement with the leadership in the planning process and to enhance their skills for physical, social and mental well being
construction safety software - full drill-down ability to units and areas for Leading and Lagging indicators of safety
construction safety software PACE HSE integrates Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging New Age Technologies

  • PACE HSE integrates Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities to predict the risk of hazard of different activities on the field.
  • An ML-model has been designed to combine 3 main streams of data and analyze their patterns for the prediction of risk of a hazard.
  • The result of the prediction is accessible through heat maps on the GIS (Geographic Information System) dashboard.
  • A notification system is implemented in the health and safety software to alert the safety manager and/or supervisors by SMS and email when a high risk of hazard is predicted and intervention is required immediately. 
  • All the data collected through the system is processed for trend analysis in the backend (to identify the most recurrent issues which require urgent corrective action) and is used to generate automatic reports.
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