Energizing Africa's future: Powering progress while embracing green growth

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Yogesh, will be a featured speaker at the African Economic Empowerment event. He will be addressing a critical topic, ‘Energizing Africa’s Future: Powering Progress While Embracing Green Growth.

Yogesh will delve into the pivotal role of sustainable energy solutions in Africa’s development journey. He will discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding energy generation and distribution on the continent.


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Advancing Construction Project Safety: Overcoming Critical Challenges

Recent data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) of Poland for the first quarter of 2023 has revealed some alarming trends that demand immediate attention.

As the construction industry continues to evolve and grow, ensuring the safety of workers remains a top priority for companies worldwide. However, recent data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) of Poland for the first quarter of 2023 has revealed some alarming trends that demand immediate attention.


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Teknobuilt at Global Sustainability Summit

It has been a great honor to present on Teknobuilt’s strategy for decarbonization and sustainable development of the capital projects’ worldwide at the Global Sustainability Summit 2023.

The Global Sustainability Summit offered a unique platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and forge fruitful partnerships with like-minded entities.


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Meet the 50 highest-growth
startups in the UK

A total 50 of the most promising high-growth tech firms in the UK have been named as the country’s top scaleup companies by tech group Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK).

Global medical network Air Doctor, social enterprise Beam, which helps the homeless secure employment, and business and finance marketplace Funding Options were among the firms that have been selected for SVC2UK’s 2020 Scale Up Club.


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Construction management platform, ‘Teknobuilt’, launched in the domestic market

Tecknobuilt, enters the Korean market and is selected as a participating team in the 2020 K-Startup challenge!

The company operates a construction management and project management technology solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) and geographic information system (GIS) technology.


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Teknobuilt enters Korea with AI and GIS-based construction project management platform.

Teknobuilt, operating a digital integrated project management platform; PACE OS 4.0, that can be used in any construction project.

Teknobuilt receiving support by the Ministry of Small and Medium Business Ventures and the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency ‘K-Startup Grand Challenge’ 2020.


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Teknobuilt Launches AI-Based Construction Project Management Platform in Korea

Technovilt, a provider of built environment management and process management technology solutions based on AI and geographic information system (GIS) technology, announced that it has been selected as a participant in the 2020 edition of the K-Startup Grand Challenge, a program to support foreign startups in Korea supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, to enter the Korean market.

Technobilt operates PACE OS 4.0, a digital integrated process management platform that can be utilized in the built environment.


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EEN helps construction software tech firm find partners in India

© Teknobuilt. Pictured: Abhishek Srivastava, Executive Director at Teknobuilt (left), in conversation with a potential partner at an event during the GBIP visit to India.

A London start-up specialising in advanced work packaging software for the smart infrastructure and construction sector has been making the right connections in India with support from Enterprise Europe Network.

Teknobuilt had applied successfully to join the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), which included a visit to the Indian cities of Indore and Bengaluru in February as part of a 14-company delegation.


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