Teknobuilt is a company that provides services and solutions with a specific focus on the execution phase of projects. Our core expertise is Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning based methods as recommended by CII and COAA best practices guaranteed to reduce total installed costs. The current methods and systems are usually geared to reduce labor and material costs. However, one of the biggest challenge in projects is ever increasing indirect costs. Teknobuilt provides innovative methods and systems to manage and reduce indirect costs, giving you meaningful and measurable advantages.

We bring the power of modern technology systems to front line and maximize your returns on people, processes, and properties. Teknobuilt brings Socialization of Project and Construction Execution to the industry through its flagship product PACE.


To be a leading provider of technology solutions, systematically solving problems in capital facilities business with a focus on frontline execution.


  • A commitment to deliver the synergy of engineering, construction, technology, and business systems for unmatched integrated value to our clients.
  • Break down disciplinary barriers to bring cross-functional innovative tools, techniques, and methods with value addition.
  • Provide a comprehensive platform to communicate and collaborate at all levels of project and construction execution.