Teknobuilt aims to continually improve its offerings and provide clients with AI-enabled software solutions that will revolutionize the construction industry space altogether.

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Teknobuilt uses GIS technology to provide real-time updates on construction activities and workplace accidents, improving safety, productivity, and efficiency. Clients can remotely inspect worksites and take immediate action, leading to better project management.

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Moving forward, Teknobuilt aims to improve the network to be able to reach even the most remote locations on the planet. With the ever growing Machine Learning and Blockchain capabilities combined, we are envisioning a rapid growth of IoT in the construction industry.

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Block chain

Teknobuilt utilizes blockchain technology for secure and transparent construction project management, reducing the risk of fraud and errors and enabling secure data sharing for better collaboration among stakeholders.

Digital Twin

Teknobuilt’s Digital Twin technology creates a virtual construction world for clients to test scenarios before physical implementation, reducing costs and safety hazards. Their PACE platform captures execution data to revolutionize construction and improve outcomes.

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