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 Built Environment Expertise & Digital Technology Infusion

Companies that need speed, flow, and a keen sense of safety during project execution leverage the synergy offered by Teknobuilt – Built environment expertise and Digital Technology infusion for construction projects.

Using the LEAN approach along with Advanced Work Packaging method (a CII best practice), Teknobuilt’s PACE OS 4.0 solution is about Productivity Advancement & Collaborative Execution. It overcomes the limitations of typical GANTT based project management & sequential project delivery methods. PACE brings Kanban in Construction™ to help agile project teams drive their scope with full control, staying ahead in time and under budget without compromising on quality or safety. PACE enables them to focus their effort in doing the project and continually reduce waste in the process.

Our Focus: Execution!

Where Projects tend to go out of Control...

Going beyond the data and document centric solutions, PACE System adapts fluidly to the fast pace changing environment in construction. Built ground up as a people centric system, it brings all stakeholders to collaborate, rolling data up to a cloud-based control tower for fact based decision making ensuring project wide success. The key benefits are reduced costs and productivity gains through:

Managing scope visually and with precision

Reducing recycling, and rework by getting it right first time

Reducing interruptions and opening communication channels from the top floor to the shop floor



AWP Plus - Consulting

We share our direct experience from projects in developing and implementing Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning.

LEAN Construction

Lean is a people based process when applied properly in construction can deliver greater efficiencies. Tools, techniques, and methods developed in one field frequently have applications in others. Construction industry can benefit from the learnings in Manufacturing

Nextgen HSE

Training and implementation of Nextgen concepts in HSE, including X-FLHA for reducing serious injuries and fatalities can help break through the safety plateau. A better planned job is a safer job, we help in integrating HSE with work packages.

Business Processes

Starting from Project Procedures, Construction Execution Plans, WBS, Coding, Numbering, Governing Procedures and Review of Project Excution methods


A comprehensive cloud based system to manage all the major aspects involved in the build phase of a project starting from access control to work package execution

System Setup & Trainings

Setting up systems, database and other functional software / departmental tools to maintain flow and speed required in execution phase

Recent Projects

Experience speed and flow with total control

Listen better Plan better Build better.

Project costs can be reduced by 27 to 38 percent. On-site productivity can be increased by as much as 50 percent by implementing a cloud-based control tower that rapidly assembles accurate data in near real time that is both backward-looking and predictive* (McKinsey Report, Reinventing Construction – Feb’ 2017). PACE Project OS 4.0 is just that. Importantly, it helps owners to ensure that the right data flows through the various owner, contractor, and subcontractor systems. Working stand-alone or as integrated system, PACE has the following main modules: SMART Mobilization & Access Control, Nextgen Safety, SMART AWP for Pre-Construction Planning, SMART Site Work for on-site execution, SMART Services & Equipment Management.