Minimize Delays

Increase Visibility

Improved Predictions

From Initial Stages to Final Stages: Achieve Full Supply Chain Visibility

Material management made simple

  • Gain a 360-degree view of all material supply and management across your project
  • Use drill-down capability to see material information location and potential obstacles for specific units and areas
  • Address problems early to save time and avoid costly delays

Track materials from start to finish

  • Our digitally integrated solution provides increased transparency and accountability for materials from initial to final stages
  • Keep track of materials at the subcontractor level to ensure accuracy and minimize errors and costly mistakes
  • Monitor materials being issued, as well as any overages, shortages, or damages

Hassle-free material planning & allocation

  • Efficiently manage quantities required for construction by tracking purchased quantities and reservations
  • Dynamically update excess and shortages to avoid over-purchasing or shortages
  • Track construction work packages to ensure materials are allocated properly
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