Construction projects require careful planning and execution. As a contractor, you need to manage everything from planning and scheduling to resource allocation and financial management. But with so many moving parts, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. That’s where PACE OS comes in – a cloud-based, integrated digital execution platform that can help you manage every aspect of your construction project from start to finish.

Benefits for Every Industry:


PACE OS can help commercial contractors streamline their project management process, from scheduling to resource allocation. It can help you manage your project’s finances, reducing the risk of overruns or delays.

For contractors working on residential projects, PACE OS can help you manage subcontractors, stay on top of timelines, and ensure that everything is progressing according to plan.

PACE OS can help industrial contractors manage complex projects, from coordinating with vendors to tracking equipment and materials.

Infrastructure projects can be complex, with multiple stakeholders involved. PACE OS can help contractors manage the process, from planning to execution, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Improved collaboration

PACE OS enables contractors to collaborate more effectively with all stakeholders in the construction process. Whether it’s subcontractors, vendors, or clients, PACE OS makes it easy to share information and updates in real-time.

Streamlined project management

PACE OS simplifies the project management process, allowing contractors to create schedules, track progress, and allocate resources all in one place.

Enhanced financial management

With PACE OS, contractors can easily track expenses, manage budgets, and ensure that their projects are financially viable.

Better risk management

PACE OS provides real-time data and analytics, enabling contractors to identify and mitigate risks early on in the project cycle.

Increased efficiency

By streamlining the construction process and reducing the risk of delays, PACE OS helps contractors complete projects more efficiently, reducing overall costs and increasing profitability.

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PACE OS is a game-changer for contractors looking to streamline their construction projects. From improved collaboration to enhanced financial management, PACE OS provides a comprehensive solution for every aspect of the construction process. So if you’re looking to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and stay on top of your construction projects, PACE OS is the platform for you.

We understand you

With conventional construction practices, many people struggle with document management. We understand how difficult it can be to trace inter-department documents that keep going through revisions. To add to the woes, all the documents are managed by different keepers with no integrated control on the entire system.

We can help you

We can help you with documents and more with our PACE OS Platform. Centralizing all documents on one platform, providing an integrated interface for all aspects of construction and taking care of Health, Safety and Environment is available in one technology package.

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We understand you and have listed a few of the modules of our PACE OS platform that can help alleviate your problems.