Reduce Delays & Get Information Faster

Save Time Using Automation

Make Work Less Laborious

We make observation cards more powerful with the use of digitization and predictive analytics

How it works

  • Quick and easy digital field-level and job level safety assessments 
  • Integrate paper based forms through Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Helps to report unsafe acts/conditions, good behavior (encouraging safety practices), sustainability issues, and suggest opportunities for improvement

Get notified instantly and prevent potential accidents

  • Automated reports and enables granular insight into projects for informed decision making
  • Get alerts and notifications instantly when a risky observation has been reported
  • Assign an action to relevant parties to prevent incidents and monitor progress on the action

Leverage predictive analytics to identify risks

  • Complete drill down ability to units and areas for Leading and Lagging indicators of safety on regular intervals, action items opened , hold, slow or completed 
  • Enables multiple stakeholder management by controlling the scope & safety of man and material, removing interruptions, reducing rework
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