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Zero Start-up Infrastructure Cost

Data Driven Predictive Analytics

End to End Construction Management Platform with AI & GIS Technology

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What sets us apart: THE PACE EFFECT

  • PACE is a cloud-based construction management modular platform that anyone can use – the owner, design teams or construction
  • It enables instantaneous visibility and granularity to precisely know what matters the most in getting things done
ai construction software - fluidly integrating with existing systems

We combine industry expertise with advanced technology

  • Teknobuilt helps achieve a digital transformation beyond software, fluidly integrating with existing systems and culture from the top floor to the shop floor
  • PACE OS embedded management system is a digital fusion of best practices from Construction and Manufacturing to EPC projects

Achieve project predictability & increase productivity 

  • Introducing the Digital Blocks of Construction, PACE de-risks execution by advanced control and decision-driven system that enhances Surety, Speed and Savings in Project Delivery
  • The platform helps in standardization, scalability & operational discipline of “getting things done” digitally
  • The collaborative power in PACE augments human intelligence (AHI) & helps in timely and proactive decision making
pace os ai construction software - de-risks execution by advanced control and decision-driven system
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