Remove Interruptions

Increase Mobility

Reduce Rework

Get Ahead of Problems and Run Projects Smoothly

Get back control, track all activities on the ground

  • Compiles and manages IWPs including interdependencies, work progress, cost, constraints
  • Whether online or offline, our mobile app to allows you to capture daily onsite progress from your fingertips
  • Access real-time view of progress via geoplot visualization and dashboards


Easy and comprehensive equipment management

  • An equipment request and management system that has workflows for planning, approvals, and utilization of major equipment required on the project
  • The centralized repository holds planned and unplanned equipment deployment throughout the duration of the construction execution

Innovative site services management

  • Common portal for the Requestor, Supplier, and Approver
  • Enables a break-through innovation for estimating, controlling, and managing site services (e.g. heavy lifts, scaffolds, hydro test water, aggregate or concrete requests)
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