Improving Project Communication

Enhancing Customer Service

Improving Project Monitoring

Connecting teams across language barriers through a fast,
accurate and intuitive natural interface

Applications for voice-based Mr. PACE include

  • Safety observation cards
  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Progress
  • Safety assessments (FLHA, JHA…)
  • Action tracker

What is iTalk?

  • iTalk is an application developed in PACE OS to allow users to communicate with the platform through an interactive chatbot
  • iTalk allows the user to enter information both through the voice and through the keyboard
  • iTalk is available in multi-language
  • iTalk is available in 2 configurations: Mr. PACE (male avatar) and Ms. TARA (female avatar)
iTalk application developed in PACE OS construction ai software
iTALK Improving Construction Project Communication

Main uses for iTalk?

  • Report incidents for safety
  • Report defects and quality issues
  • Update progress
  • Quick access to permits and informative material such as procedures, standards and guidelines
  • Fill checklist
  • Interactive trainings

iTalk’s Impact on Safety

  • Quick access to safety information
  • Automated safety checklists
  • Improved incident reporting
  • Enhanced safety training
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
iTalk application developed in construction ai software - Quick access to safety information
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