Completeness of Deliverables

Increased Accountability

Track Impact of Changes

Start Your Projects Strong and Deliver with Confidence

Start collaborating early and often

  • Gather, monitor all the deliverables in one place
  • All stakeholders get visibility into the progress of all tasks 
  • Identify any misalignment, track work against schedule, and ensure completeness of the tasks

Effective pre-construction planning

  • Create the optimal construction sequence between engineering, procurement and construction
  • Compile EWPs from the provided documents and estimate the cost and required resources
  • Build and schedule the CWPs, and define the foreman’s work

Onsite work execution made simpler and powerful  

  • Visualize the construction sequence, all units, work packages and materials on site
  • Track, monitor each work in real-time and all in one view
  • Drill down to extreme granularity to see the details of each work package and identify gaps

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