Digital construction project document management requires a lot of documentation at every stage of the project. Piling up hard copies in files or managing a hierarchy of folders can be cumbersome. With our Documents & Deliverables Management System, you can create, manage, track and revise all documents on a single platform.

This tracker is a discipline concerned with controlling the flow of documents; anything that has to do with storing, finding, altering, or sharing a document falls under the document management umbrella. In this case, a good construction document management system is critical. In a normal construction environment, information silos between contractors, subcontractors, and architects make it nearly impossible to adequately analyze and anticipate a project’s profitability timeline. The additions and changes are compared to the contract and/or the budget to ensure that the amounts do not exceed the contract or budget. Project forecasting is the bedrock of any business strategy. When it comes to risk mitigation, forecasting allows you to be as proactive as possible.

Some of the features of DDM are:

  • Drill down capability for ownership, status, revisions and version control
  • Manages project, vendor and contract documents
  • Digital thread connectivity between engineering deliverables, pre-construction planning and installation work packages
  • Compile hand-over packages
  • Document input, document indexing, document search, document processing
  • Workflow automation and document security
  • User dashboard and customization
  • BONUS: special feature

Steps for Construction Digital Document Management Module's Process:

Some of the phases include Link work packages, unit views, construction work packages, Heat maps, and GAP analysis. Geo Mapping provides the design that must be documented digitally during the design process. Work packages will be tied to the plot plan’s location. Unit views imply that work packages can be documented depending on the unit view. A reasonable and manageable division of work within the construction scope is referred to as a construction work package. A heat map means the volume of a data point to be documented is usually indicated by the color of the heat map. Gap assessments are used to determine if a company is fulfilling expectations and successfully utilizing its resources, as well as to document this.