The Kanban Cost Management Portfolio is a powerful tool that empowers project owners with visual cues and comprehensive features for efficient cost management. From generating baseline estimates to monitoring actual costs at an individual expenditure level, this portfolio provides end-to-end support for managing project expenses.

We offer these modules to navigate Kanban Cost Management

Some of the benefits of using Kanban Cost Management Portfolio

Value Engineering

By allocating costs and resources effectively, the portfolio enables value engineering from a financial standpoint, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Breakdown of Projects

The portfolio allows projects to be broken down into manageable components, enabling better allocation and accountability of associated costs.

End-to-end Cost Management

From generating baseline estimates to monitoring actual costs at the individual expenditure level, this portfolio provides a comprehensive solution for managing project expenses.

Immediate Insight

The design of the portfolio provides immediate insight into both micro-level and direct or indirect cost components of the project.

Real-time Alerts

Users receive real-time alerts and notifications on variations in cost components compared to the baseline estimate, facilitating timely cost analysis.

Data-driven Decision Making

The portfolio empowers managers to make informed decisions on cost optimization, including material selection, workforce smoothing, and efficient deployment of equipment.

Reporting and Analytics

The portfolio offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing a 360-degree view of cost components and facilitating better cost control.

Budget Administration

With built-in budget administration features, the portfolio helps project owners effectively control costs and maximize profits.

Advanced Cost Analytics

The portfolio integrates the 5p framework’s advanced cost analytics tools, allowing for root-cause analysis and carbon cost control.

Financial Objectives

By leveraging the portfolio’s features, companies can increase their bottom lines, maximize profitability, and achieve their financial objectives.

Experience the comprehensive cost management capabilities of the Kanban Cost Management Portfolio and take control of your project’s financial success!

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the Kanban Cost Management Portfolio provides an overall financial view of projects, catering to executive and management levels. Here are specific components that offer comprehensive financial insights:

1. Overall Cost of the Project: The portfolio presents the overall cost of the project on a year-over-year (YOY) basis. It provides a breakdown of costs, including detailed breakups, giving stakeholders a clear understanding of project expenses.

2. Cost Distribution Histogram: The portfolio offers a histogram that visually represents the cost distribution. This histogram can be presented in various ways, such as phase-wise, unit-wise, or area-wise, providing a comprehensive view of where costs are allocated throughout the project.

3. Cost Distribution by Category: Another histogram shows the cost distribution categorized by engineering, procurement, and construction. This breakdown enables stakeholders to analyze costs based on different project stages or functional areas.

4. Forecasted Project Cost: The portfolio provides a forecast of project costs on a YOY basis. This feature helps project owners and management teams anticipate future expenses and make informed decisions accordingly.

5. Overall Revenue from the Project: Alongside cost analysis, the portfolio includes an overview of the project’s revenue on a YOY basis. This information allows stakeholders to assess the project’s financial performance and its alignment with revenue goals.

6. Direct and Indirect Cost Graph: The portfolio visualizes the direct and indirect costs of the project through a graph. This graph provides insights into the proportion of costs attributed to direct project activities versus indirect factors, aiding in cost control and optimization efforts.

7. Budget Management: The Kanban Cost Management Portfolio includes budget management functionality, allowing users to establish and track budgets for specific timeframes. This feature helps stakeholders ensure that project expenses remain within allocated budget limits.

Cost and Revenue (Overall & Forecasted)

Direct – Indirect Cost Graph

Yearly Budget