With the EWP module, you can create or import deliverables committed by engineering as per activity plans and collaborate across disciplines. It gives you the visibility of completeness, accountability and status tracking for efficient management with the help of automated compilation of engineering packages. A diversified mix of engineering deliverables that are produced to support a specific scope of construction work packages are referred to as an Engineering Work Package (EWP). EWPs are widely regarded as the most efficient and effective approach to organizing a modern capital project engineering team.

Some of the features of EWP engineering are:

  • Serves as a digital foot print through entire release and change management workflow
  • Provides the visibility of gaps, incomplete, late or missing documents
  • Provides governance to document issues and timings
  • Should be modest enough to be assigned to a single person or a small group of people who can be held accountable for the outcomes
  • The schedule performance of the project can be measured at the level of the work package
  • Provide a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities

Steps for Construction Engineering Work Packages Module's Process:

Work packages are downloadable construction deliverables that specify a specified scope of work and include a budget and timeline that can be compared to real results. After that, we need to amend or update the details of EWP, and then we require authority approval. Once we have the approval, we must update the checklist’s readiness, alter the status, assemble the EWP, as well as manage all of the versions and modifications using the digital control tower. It’s finally time to start working on the project’s 3D visualization.