Midland High Growth


26 million houses need to be retrofitted in the UK by 2050 to meet the target of the Climate Change Act. Out of these, approximately 6 million houses belong to the social sector.

A significant proportion of socially rented homes have been upgraded with improved heating systems, cavity-wall insulation, loft insulation, double glazing, energy-efficient lighting and draught-stripping. However, there still remains a considerable potential for further improvements to the energy efficiency of social housing.

Teknobuilt has associated with Midlands High Growth (MHG) in the UK to help design the entire retrofit process and take it digital.


A well-structured retrofit requires surveying, purchasing, designing, and installing measurement tools, such as energy consumption monitoring devices. This process tends to be expensive, and the building’s end performance is not guaranteed.

Some of the other challenges are:

  • Architectural complications; almost every home is different with its own complexity
  • Consumer proposition not attractive enough
  • Skills shortage
  • Fragmented market


The technology stack resulting from taking the entire process digital will be powered by PACE OS. The digitization will bring visibility across the Retrofit supply chain connecting the demand with the suppliers and contractors thus promoting local industry.

Some of the other measures that will resolve the challenges are:

  • Feeding the location details of all the housings that have been identified for retrofitting into the GIS map within the PACE system
  • Digital House Survey data to flow to suppliers to enable offsite manufacturing
  • Pre-scheduling of the intended work in the system
  • PACE takes charge of all the material and equipment processes: requisition, purchase order release, supplier information, movement tracking as well as availability
  • PACE digital control tower for on-site execution activities
  • Online risk – assessment and HSE management
  • Digital Site Close-outs and Handover
  • Ongoing House energy assessment using IoT to gauge the energy benefits after retrofit


  • Design of the entire retrofit housing process through the use of a Technology stack powered by PACE OS 4.0
  • Finalization of a practicable and repeatable digital survey methodology
  • Facilitation of offsite manufacturing by digitizing the digital survey to CAM process