The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially a network of industrial grade monitoring devices that can communicate and share the monitored data with other devices and systems over the Internet. It allows the users to obtain the vital site data in real-time from distant locations which ensures a healthy site environment.

Teknobuilt has embraced IoT for its digital/hi-tech solutions

Teknobuilt recognises IoT is an important tool in making the construction sites of tomorrow more productive and safe. To that end, Teknobuilt IoT will be used to obtain data from various sensors installed on equipment, workers and various site locations. This data can then be fed to sophisticated ML algorithms to make fast, intelligent decisions in relation to a variety of use cases, ranging from worker safety & wellness to asset condition monitoring & geo-fencing. In order to achieve a seamless connection with the IoT network all over the construction site, Teknobuilt uses the state of the art LoRa network protocol that ensures the connectivity up to 15 km radius range.

How can you benefit with IoT?

IoT would allow clients to keep track of their equipment and their workers in a smart and efficient manner. They would be able to detect problems early – and often, thanks to ML integration, before they happen – and act quickly to solve any issues. This would make the workplace substantially more incident-free, leading to increased productivity and worker safety.

The way forward

Moving forward, Teknobuilt aims to improve the network to be able to reach even the most remote locations on the planet. With the ever growing Machine Learning and Blockchain capabilities combined, we are envisioning a rapid growth of IoT in the construction industry.