GIS applications (also known as GIS software) are computer programs that enable users to perform query operations on a variety of spatial (and related non-spatial) data. This includes searching, updating and analyzing this data. These programs can also display the results of these operations to the user through 2D or 3D maps.

Teknobuilt has embraced GIS for its digital/hi-tech solutions

Teknobuilt has made GIS an integral part of its offering. Using the GIS on Teknobuilt’s platform, the users can see site location and activity at a glance. They can be alerted of construction-based problems happening at sites in a visual way in real-time. Similarly, in real-time, workplace accidents can also be brought to the users’ attention using Geographic Information System technology. Teknobuilt’s GIS platform also will allow users to respond to the issues being shown on the screen – they can immediately send messages to workers and supervisors onsite to take appropriate action.

How can you benefit?

Clients can now perform high level inspections of worksites without having to visit the site physically. They can also use the two-way integration in the GIS offering to take immediate action and thus improve efficiency, productivity, speed and safety.