A digital twin – as its name implies – is a digital model of something that exists in the physical world, such as a product, a service or a process. It is thus, simply put, a simulation which allows users to analyze the physical entity in the digital space to ensure that any problems that might arise are addressed before the actual physical implementation. This connection between the physical and virtual worlds is established by generating real-time data using a variety of sensors.

Teknobuilt has embraced Digital Twin for its digital/hi-tech solutions

Construction is an area where issues and problems – even minor ones – could lead to massive costs and delays, not to mention safety hazards. The ability to anticipate these problems in a safe, virtual space, before physical implementation begins would make construction safer and faster. Teknobuilt is driven to set up virtual construction worlds where clients could test out construction scenarios before putting a finger to a single brick. Teknobuilt’s PACE platform aims to capture multiple digital layers of execution such as Design Data (Drawing & Documents), Supplier Data (Operations & Maintenance), 3D Modelling (Geometry) and more.

How can you benefit with Digital Twin?

Having an implementation of the digital twin philosophy is of tremendous benefit to the clients. It allows the entire operation to be simulated and safely studied in virtual space before undergoing the costly and dangerous business on physical implementation. It has the potential to revolutionize construction and Teknobuilt aims to be at the forefront of it.