Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been the deep tech that almost every industry has benefited from. Contrary to popular belief, it was designed to assist humans rather than replace them. Simply put, the job of ML and AI algorithms is to assist users with the most tedious of tasks. Companies have largely benefitted from these technologies as it has freed up the time (and money) of its employees. With the introduction of these technologies, people now have the opportunity to focus on designing and conceptualizing ideas rather than worrying more about implementing long arduous processes.

Teknobuilt has embraced AI/ML for its digital/hi-tech solutions

Teknobuilt understands the importance of these technologies. We understand data is the new oil. Teknobuilt is dedicated to build the world safely, smartly and sustainably. We harness the power of ML to ensure construction workers return to their families after work. We have live GIS maps, real-time safety alerts, the ability to predict accidents before they happen among other key offerings that all harness the power of ML.

In addition, we also exploit the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and Internet of Things (IoT) to make monotonous and repetitive tasks like filling out an FLHA or Observation Intervention card, by voice, as opposed to text. Small things like this make a huge difference in a construction environment setting.

How can you benefit?

Unlike before, where clients lacked insights into the future, risk level of high-risk activities and unknown mitigation strategies, our systems tackle these issues head-on. Our AI-enabled systems give our clients solid foresight into potential incidents, based on our IoT sensors and ML models, the ability to preempt risks and alert supervisors of quality errors with the priority it needs to be resolved. The clients gain from the power of predicting and analyzing high-risk activities and areas. Further, we also have live GIS tracking capabilities to cater to your every need, be it material tracking or finding equipment position.

The way forward

Teknobuilt aims to continually improve its offerings and provide clients with AI-enabled software solutions that will revolutionize the construction industry space altogether.