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In the heart of the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Teknobuilt, a leading innovator in construction technology, made waves at the prestigious International Builder’s Show (IBS). The event, renowned for showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the construction industry, provided an ideal platform for Teknobuilt to exhibit its cutting-edge solutions to a global audience. 

Guiding Teknobuilt's Path

At the helm of Teknobuilt’s representation were CEO Yogesh Srivastava and Tetiana Baksheieva, both instrumental in spearheading the company’s endeavors. Their presence underscored Teknobuilt’s commitment to advancing construction practices worldwide. 

One of the highlights of Teknobuilt’s showcase was the spotlight on its PACE line of solutions. Designed to streamline and optimize construction processes, PACE garnered significant attention in the North American builder’s market. Its innovative features and potential for enhancing efficiency resonated strongly with industry professionals, garnering praise and sparking fruitful discussions. 

Here’s a picture of Yogesh Srivastava, Darcy Kirtzinger and Tetiana Baksheieva

Our Impressions and Thoughts on the Event

The International Builder’s Show was a massive setup with numerous companies showcasing their products and services. The level of detail involved in building significant projects was impressive, highlighting how small components come together to create big things. 

We observed a strong demand for good, comfortable, and affordable housing, particularly multi-family houses. Teknobuilt can play a crucial role in meeting this demand by helping to build faster and cheaper. We also met a few promising potential clients, further expanding our network and opportunities. 

Harnessing the power of new-age technologies was a key theme at the event. Jobsite management, task management, and some safety products were areas of particular interest where Teknobuilt’s expertise can make a significant impact. 

Teknobuilt, having its origins in the heavy industrial construction sector, seized the opportunity to participate in the IBS, an event that brings together global leaders in housing and building construction. While our flagship product, PACE OS, has been successfully delivering capital projects, Teknobuilt’s PACE XT stands out as an unmatched, simple, fast, and flexible platform for running fast-track or short-duration projects. 

Valuable Networking Opportunities

Participation in the International Builder’s Show proved invaluable for Teknobuilt on multiple fronts. Firstly, it provided a unique opportunity to showcase its products and capabilities to a diverse audience of industry experts, potential clients, and partners. The event served as a hub for networking, facilitating valuable connections and collaborations that could pave the way for future growth and expansion. 

Moreover, the exposure gained at the event bolstered Teknobuilt’s brand visibility and credibility in the highly competitive North American market. By demonstrating its commitment to innovation and excellence, Teknobuilt solidified its position as a trusted partner for construction companies seeking to embrace cutting-edge technologies. 

Outcomes and Future Prospects

The outcome of Teknobuilt’s participation was nothing short of remarkable. Beyond the positive reception of its PACE solutions, the event yielded concrete opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Engaging discussions with industry leaders and stakeholders paved the way for potential joint ventures and pilot projects, positioning Teknobuilt for sustained success in the region. 

Teknobuilt’s presence at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas marked a significant milestone in its journey towards global recognition and industry leadership. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, Teknobuilt continues to push boundaries and redefine the future of construction technology, one groundbreaking solution at a time. 

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