Teknobuilt’s Regional General Manager Dr. Consuelo Granata along with the Productivity Engineer Md. Shahin recently represented Teknobuilt at the prestigious Project Controls Expo in Dubai. Their participation highlighted Teknobuilt’s commitment to advancing the field of project management and control and underscored its leadership in this critical industry. 

Impact & Importance of Project Control Expo

The Project Controls Expo is a renowned event that brings together industry leaders, experts, and professionals to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in project controls. This annual event is a hub for cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that are shaping the future of project management. Attendees have the unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders, participate in interactive workshops, and gain insights into best practices and emerging trends.

The Expo also serves as a critical networking platform, fostering collaboration and partnerships among companies and professionals from around the world. This environment of knowledge sharing, and innovation made the Project Controls Expo an indispensable event for anyone committed to excellence in project management. 

Teknobuilt’s presence at this event underscored the company’s leadership in the field and its dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments. Its active involvement not only highlighted its innovative approach but also demonstrated its commitment to contributing to the broader industry dialogue on improving project delivery and performance. 

Teknobuilt's Participation and Contributions

Dr. Consuelo Granata’s Presentation and Panel Discussion – Dr. Consuelo Granata took the stage to present a groundbreaking technical paper on “Delivering LNG Megaproject with Proactive Intelligence and Predictability.” Her presentation was a highlight of the event, offering deep insights into how proactive intelligence and predictability of PACE OS can revolutionize the delivery of large-scale LNG projects. Her expertise and dedication were very much appreciated by the audience. 

In addition to her presentation, Consuelo was honored to participate as a panelist in a discussion on the fascinating impact of AI in project delivery. The engaging discussion showcased her profound understanding of the field and provided valuable perspectives to the audience. The buzz around her insights has been incredible, gaining traction and sparking further conversations in the industry. Kudos to Consuelo for her outstanding contributions! 

Md. Shahin’s Engagement and Networking – Md. Shahin, Teknobuilt’s Associate Productivity Engineer, also made his mark at the Expo. He engaged in insightful discussions with major actors in the industry, bringing valuable perspectives to the forefront. His networking efforts and conversations were instrumental in highlighting Teknobuilt’s innovative approaches and fostering connections that are essential for future collaborations. 


A heartfelt gratitude to the Project Controls Expo and all the insightful speakers and panelists for sharing their knowledge and expertise! The event was a remarkable success, and Teknobuilt’s participation not only demonstrated the company’s leadership in the industry but also reinforced its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in project controls.  

In conclusion, Teknobuilt’s presence at the Project Controls Expo in Dubai was a testament to the company’s dedication to advancing the field of project management. With leaders like Dr. Consuelo Granata and Md. Shahin, Teknobuilt continues to shape the future of the industry, making significant strides in proactive intelligence, predictability, and the integration of AI in project delivery. The insights and connections gained from this event will undoubtedly propel Teknobuilt to new heights, further solidifying its position as a leader in project controls. 

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