The term ‘sustainability’ has garnered a lot of buzz lately, and rightly so, as the world has woken up to its importance. But for us, sustainability is not just a point of reference; it is the foundation of our being. Sustainability is at the core of Teknobuilt’s values. Our processes, approach and the genesis of our flagship product, PACE, are founded on sustainable practices.

Since we operate in the domain of construction technology, we are in a sweet spot to reduce the environmental impact, safeguard people and achieve efficiency in an industry that needs it the most. The construction industry is ridden with problems of accidents and incidents, wastage of materials, labour and time due to re-work and lack of technology. Teknobuilt was conceptualised to tackle these problems with a high-tech and digital solution. Therefore, go-green has been our mantra since its inception.

How PACE contributes to sustainability?

Our digital platform, PACE, is an exemplary evidence of the ‘PACE Method’. The PACE method is an acronym for Proactive management, Assessment, Compliance and Engagement. It is an amalgamation of the best practices from various construction projects across the globe spanning decades of project experience. PACE helps you achieve these best practices in your projects in a simple and integrated manner. By adopting PACE as a platform for defining and managing safety policies, it allows you to mitigate, predict and prevent risks by analyzing various leading and lagging indicators during execution reducing the risks to human health and lives.

builder management software PACE contributes to sustainability

Adopting the PACE method brings consistent and continuous efficiencies in utilization of material, machine and man. PACE quality practices help in decreasing waste of resources and time per unit of product, which further increases efficiency. With collaborative methods at the heart of PACE, it creates a culture of safety and compliance which further reduces the indirect expenses related to various overhead costs.

How can you benefit?

PACE particularly provides value in enhancing well-being by reducing incident risks and increasing safety of people. Some of the other PACE benefits for sustainable development are:

  1. Digital collaboration, data driven efficiencies & reduced rework
  2. Workmanship Standardization & Improved Quality
  3. Optimize material utilization & reduce wastage
  4. Improve tool time & work done
  5. Fuel economy & reduce carbon emissions

PACE helps in adopting project execution practices as the world class standard, further positioning you as a preferred partner of choice for your customers, driving revenue and brand value consistently.

Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

According to KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020, 69% of the global companies connect their business activities to SDGs. We understand the value of doing so and therefore PACE is developed to complement this activity. PACE ensures:

  • Optimized use of energy, resources and power
  • Reduce wastage of human capital and consumption of materials
  • Increase local development
  • Help improve gender balance
  • Beyond zero harm, a “plus one” enhanced safety concept inclusive of mental and social well-being

The way forward

Teknobuilt believes continuous improvement and innovation is the key to sustainability in business and creating added value towards its customer’s businesses. With that in mind our platform, PACE, will be expanding its horizon beyond SOPs and Collaborative processes to being connected with the devices on Edge with its PACE Connect platform to sense every aspect of your site allowing you to operate at the next level to maturity and awareness. With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PACE wants to continuously help build Augmented Human Intelligence (AHI) that allows project execution to reach the next level. As it is said,

“Sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, an endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.” – Paul Hawken