The conundrum for many companies is ‘how do we ensure all our systems are complementary and communicating in an integrated way’? This is indeed a teaser that has eluded many projects for years especially as technology and processes improved and evolved over time. How do you measure effectiveness and efficiency differential between the multitude of systems, data and connectivity?

General answer is you cannot. The current problem is how do you find a way to integrate and have various systems and sources of data interconnected and communicated in a smart way. This is some way made easier through digitisation, but this can also result in information overload (McKinsey report).

Perhaps the answer is integration of the digitised data in an organised manner as opposed to integration of systems. This approach would not disturb the existing systems data creation but harness and collect digitised data and information in a common environment.

The common environment or platform is enabled through API conversion of all system and data sources being organised and managed through a cloud-based integration framework that facilities single source of truth, AWP process and logic, LEAN benefits from elimination of waste and the formation of a truly integrated format underpinning IPD principles.

PACE OS provides the collaboration and integrator platform to materialise the alignment of project functions, data requirements, decision making, enhancement of MOC and creates a digital twin of the project execution.