Incident reporting & management is an approach that not only saves incident reports but also helps in identifying the reasons by root cause analysis and Why – Why analysis. Incident reporting and management is created within 4 hours of the occurrence of the incident. An incident management report involves different studies which covers the entire incident that happened at site. Many of your other workflows are quite similar to your safety incident reporting workflows, and safety management software can handle them all in the same manner – with digital forms, automated workflows, watertight record keeping, and real-time collaboration. Manually managing these duties and operations is also becoming less and less necessary.

The incident can be evaluated through incident report for construction sites which includes:​

  • Investigation​
  • Evidence collection​
  • Root cause analysis
  • Why – Why analysis​

A site engineer or a site safety engineer will update the initial notification when the incident occurs and then the safety manager will conduct the remaining studies.

Steps for Construction Incident Reporting and Management Module's Process:

First, it is important to add details of the incident, damage incurred, investigate the incident, and add details of the manager, injury, and action. After that, it is important to collect detailed evidence of the activity and analyze the root cause of the incident. It is important to understand why the incident occurred after the incident overview, and finally the cause and effect of the incident, and why it occurred.