HSE Management is a digitally integrated solution of plans, policies and protocols. It initiates the Plus One Approach i.e. the proactive approach to safety through due diligence and record-keeping of HSE construction. The goal of HSE management is to identify and evaluate safety management in construction projects in order to reduce and control construction worker health and safety (H&S). Construction site safety is an aspect of construction-related activities concerned with preventing death, injury, disease, or other health-related dangers for construction site workers and others.

Some of the features of HSE management module are:

  • One stop shop for all regulatory compliances​ of HSE construction
  • Digital bank of ever changing revisions and requirements​
  • Easy and digital access to the SOPs
  • Common digital platform for management and the team
  • Digitalized HSE plan construction

Steps for HSE Management Module's Process:

Here are some of the module processes in HSE management system such as uploading all the policy documents uploading all the plans required for executing the project in HSE construction, one of the key points in current period is to upload all the precautions related to covid to be taken during the execution. After that it is necessary to upload all the HSE procedures, resources and technical documentation and the final step is to manage all the regulatory compliance on a single platform.