Construction Equipment Management provide equipment management digitally creates & manages all service requests and enables user friendly installation equipment requests. It serves as a centralized repository that holds planned and unplanned equipment deployment. At a more detailed level, practices include reviews of equipment, its costs, and usage. Site administrators want the cost of their equipment to be rewarded in the long run. These machines are used to perform tasks such as B. Machines for loading and unloading materials, from one site to another, moving materials from one location to another, and processing.

Some of the features of this module are:

  • Approve and track to completion Planned, Adhoc or Shutdown related services of equipment management
  • Visible in iPlanner
  • QR coded and automated status notifications and confirmation requests
  • Serves as a link to Installation Work Packages and gives visibility to Indirects costs through digital tracking of equipment management system
  • A key element of profitable construction and service work is real-time visibility and tracking of all equipment and tools
  • With dedicated asset management software, you can accurately track costs, mobilize resources, measure usage, and charge for specific sites or tasks

Steps for Construction Equipment Management Module's Process:

Here are some of the module processes in construction service equipment such as IWP packages, pick from the IWP dashboard and select X-FLHA. After that raise and creating new equipment management, the next step is to plan the request it’s important that the request must be accepted and that check the status of the request is based on time to completion, on completion, it’s important to mark the status and sign off.