Onsite Planning facilitates assignment and updating of the onsite Installation Work Packages. It enables last planner concept based adjustment & communication of priorities, confirmation of crew sizes and mix and ensures all constraints are identified and satisfied. On-site construction employs classic construction methods, in which all work and building operations are completed in sequential order. On-site construction processes make it possible to customize any design.

The various options under onsite construction planning are:

  • Digitally integrated with materials, quality and safety including permits
  • Need and confirmation of supporting on site services & construction equipment
  • Integrated PACE App for field mobility to operate online or offline
  • On-site construction processes make it possible to customize any design
  • On-site construction aids in the addition of any new structure to an existing structure or the renovation of any structure. Finally, the building has a uniform appearance
  • Onsite planning provides a security plan for construction projects
  • Provides a site layout plan for the construction project​

Steps for Onsite Construction Work Planning Module's Process:

Here are some of the module processes in the onsite work planning, such as IWP in the onsite work planning stage, then owning or editing and updating the specifics of Work, Thirdly select the IWP in progress, and update the status and checklist ready. Checking the view of the digital sign off, managing the digital control tower, and finally managing work packages on a Geo map are all required.