Construction site services management helps in digitally creating & managing all service requests. You can approve and track the requests to completion of the construction site management system. The planned, Adhoc or Shutdown related services are visible in iPlanner. QR coded and automated status notifications and confirmation can also be sent. Construction site management is defined as “proper management of construction activities to protect the living and non-living elements of ecological, ecological, aesthetic and social landscapes” in construction site management plan.

It serves as a link to Installation Work Packages and gives visibility to indirect costs through digital tracking in construction site management. It is configurable to add all required site services such as:

  • Scaffolding
  • Hydro services
  • Temporary equipment
  • Waste management
  • Heavy lifts
  • Equipment servicing

Steps for Construction Site Services Management Module's Process:

Here are some of the module processes in construction site management systems such as IWP packages, pick from the IWP dashboard and select X-FLHA. After that raise and creating new equipment management, the next step is to plan the request. It’s important that the request must be accepted and that the status of the request is based on time to completion, on completion, it’s important to mark the status and sign off.