Closeout & Handover allows management and control over all stipulated documents and certificates (single source of truth) by IWP, CWP and System​. Construction project closeout is the final phase of a construction project and a vital part of construction management services. This phase occurs after physical construction has been completed, but before the project is actually turned over to the owner. Construction project closeout is a complex process that requires taking a moment to consider construction projects in general.

Some of the features of this module are:

  • CWP completions and handover dossier contents completed and issued from PACE
  • ​Progressive system turnover followed by CWP handover records​

Steps for Construction Project Closeout Module's Process:

Install the working package first, select the IWP based on discipline, then enter the daily progress in the real world and update the suitability. It is important to mark the IWP as complete, enter an end date, and log out after the reporter confirms and accepts the task according to standards. If the task does not complete as expected, the reporter will request a retry. Reporters can view tasks in a single dashboard. If approved by all stakeholders, then it’s time to sign off and closeout.