Work Front Builder is an automated or machine assisted creation of installation work packages for contractors at trade levels. It helps you create practical work packages that are managed by crew composition rather than discipline scope. It can be digitally managed by crew supervisors. Work front builders are the automation of the standard work sequence. This technology is surprisingly good at coordinating and sequencing the work process to eliminate breakdowns and drive down project costs.

Some of the features of this module are:

  • Integrated constraints management through a digital ticket based system requires fewer work face planners and provides initial basis for overall site resource loading
  • Manages the Last Mile Planning and drive execution at the Workfront
  • Work Front Builder is simple to use, powerful and scalable. It’s the only BIM builder that includes all the necessary components of a BIM workflow — document management, 2D and 3D views with AutoCAD-based drawings, integrated Revit-based model, and templating features
  • Work Front is a legal solution to managing the project information that you need to run a business. It’s an adaptive project management tool with an intuitive interface and a comprehensive set of features

Steps for Work Front Builder Module's Process:

Here are some of the module processes in the work front builder, such as IWP in the work front builder, then owning or editing and updating the specifics of Work, Thirdly planning the IWP and updating the status and checklist ready. Checking the view of the digital sign off, managing the digital control tower, and finally managing work packages on a Geo map are all required.