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About HSE

PACE Nextgen HSE provides complete safety and environmental procedural management requirement, real time data capture and action tracking (Alert) system. Lagging and Leading forms of safety and environmental management tools are captured and through algorithms, are converted to ML and AI data analytics and provide predictive responses to reduce risk of injury to people or the environment  by moving beyond zero incidents to a Plus One proactive approach.

Benefits of HSE

HSE Modules

PACE HSE modules are intricately linked to the full safety and environmental requirements as depicted by client Safety and Environmental assurance plans. All forms, plans and reporting is embedded in the system including responsibilities and communication protocols to ensure real time response to issues.

HSE Management

It is a digital solution to all the management aspects of the project; a comprehensive system for management of company wide HSE projects.

Some of its features are:

  • - Integrated to deliver a Plus One HSE system beyond the zero-harm approach

  • - Enhanced X-FLHA to help reduce serious injuries and fatalities on projects

  • - Collaborative architecture for management, worker and third party engagement on a single platform

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Safety Assessments

Safety Assessments are a proactive approach with an integrated digital system to reduce any chances of safety concerns.

With this module you can:

  • - Digitally create field level, job and area-based hazard assessments with the convenience of mobile devices or tablets

  • - Reduce paper-work and optimize the workflows to get safety information without any delays

  • - Engage from the top management to the last man in the crew. Collaborate effectively with the safety team and supervisors

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Compliance Protocols

Compliance protocols help manage, communicate and apply effectively all the mandatory compliance requirements and company guidelines on your project. In addition, they:

  • - Provide a one-stop shop for all the compliance requirements to the staff and contractors

  • - Keep up-to date with the latest requirements and inform all project participants

  • - Maintain digital history of all the compliance activities and log, track, manage to closure any infractions

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Intelligent Permit Management

Intelligent Permit Management is a complete workflow driven digitally integrated system of work packages, safety permit planning and requirements.

It also:

  • - Manages drafting, requesting, approvals and issuances of permit to work through a central clearing house

  • - Provides live updates on the status of permits requested

  • - Ensures digital delivery of permits to requestors

  • - Provides visibility and tracking of permits that are currently live at site

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Incident Reporting & Management

Incident Reporting and Management is a digital solution for incident reporting and analysis to reduce incident reoccurrences.

It helps in: 

  • - Simplification of the DNV world standard in management of incidents along with practical experience from capital projects

  • - Digitally handling initial notification, detailed reporting, evidence collection, root-cause analysis and why-why analysis

  • - Better management of incidents to reduce and ultimately eliminate recurrences

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