Unlock the Power of Data

Get faster insights with predictive analysis

Go Beyond Safety

Take proactive approach to ensure health of the workers

Improve the Environment

Speed up deployment of clean tech solutions

Building a Safer and Healthier Tomorrow, Today

The next generation of HSE brought to you by advanced technologies (AI/ML/GIS) and a holistic approach to keeping people safe

Reduce operational costs by eliminating analog processes

Avoid workplace injuries and equipment damage

Capture real-time data and track actions for better safety

Uplift morale and prevent safety violations

Explore the HSE Modules

Health, Safety & Environment Management

One Stop Shop for All HSE Compliances
  • Integrated to deliver the Plus One HSE system – the proactive approach to safety via due diligence and record-keeping
  • Enhanced X-FLHA to help reduce injuries and control construction worker health & safety
  •  Collaborative architecture for management, worker and third-party entities on a single platform
  • Digital bank of ever changing revisions – provides digitized HSE plan and easy access to SOPs
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Safety Assessments

Create a Safer Working Environment
  • Digitally create field level, job and area-based hazard assessment with the ease of our mobile & tablet app
  • Reduce paper-work and optimize workflows to get safety information without delays
  • Engage from the top management to the last person in the crew – collaborate effectively across your team
  • Identify potential hazards before starting an activity and avoid delays
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Compliance Protocols

Effectively Manage All Compliance Requirements 
  • Authenticate the validity of FLHA, JHA and Construction hazard requests in construction safety and compliance
  • One-stop shop for all the compliance requirements to the staff and contractor for quality HSE
  • Keep up-to date with the latest requirements and inform all project participants
  • Maintain digital history of all the compliance activities and log, track, manage to closure any infractions
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Intelligent Permit Management

All Your Permit Requests in One Place
  • Manage drafting, requesting, approvals and issuance of permit to work through a central clearing house
  • Get live updates on the status of permits, digitally deliver them to requestors
  • Create a dynamic common checklist per project requirements and efficiently complete activities
  • Get a map of all your requests and easily identify and solve issues
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Incident Reporting & Management

Manage Incidents and Reduce Recurrences
  • Identify causes of incidents with root-cause & why-why analysis
  • Digitally report incidents, handle initial notification and evidence collection
  • Simplification of the DNV’s world standard for incident management combined with practical experience from capital projects
  • Provides digital forms, automated workflows, watertight record keeping and real-time collaboration
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