Recent industry experts have commented on the need for focus on the capital efficiencies on projects. Many experts are predicting capital investments to be limited due to market and health uncertainties due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Much attention has steered towards certainty in project delivery and a need for investment to be backed by confidence that the capital will provide sound returns on investments. To gain confidence, there is a growing need to utilise technology and processes that have a high probability of success through an end-to-end solution that encapsulates the logic, sequence, dependencies and performance of a project truly integrated in thinking, execution and delivery.

Many projects have fallen into a cycle that good enough approach coupled with good resources could be successful but alas typically the unknowns, uncertainties and inefficiencies catch up and the firefighting and claims management diminish the returns of the financial investment.

Successful projects need 3 key primary elements:

  1. An integrated platform for connect information and collaboration to ensure minimise of waste
  2. Knowledge and application of basic project management processes, systems and tools, and
  3. Technology and applications that remove mundane tasks and have a single source of truth to ensure effectiveness, generation and consumption of information in an orderly fashion where accountability and immediate status of progress is visible and being managed.

PACE OS provides the cloud-based digital platform with integrated systems and processes to facilitate successful and efficient deployment of capital for proven increased return on investments.