Onsite Construction and Services

About Onsite Construction Services

Onsite Construction Services (OCS) is a mobile integrated platform for onsite installation and execution including site services and construction management. On-site construction encompasses a wide range of tasks in the field. It usually sits at the heart of any project and refers to all tasks that must be accomplished on-site, such as construction, maintenance, and property management. Working on a building job, on the other hand, is never easy.

Benefits of OCS

Onsite Construction Services

OCS Modules

The modules ensure efficient operation of onsite activities and provide a comprehensive list of solutions to manage and track all activities on ground.

Onsite Planning

Onsite Planning creates and manages IWPs with transparent view of interdependencies, constraints, work progress and costs that will ultimately help in increased accountability, productivity, reduced reworks, delays and cost overruns.

It also:

  • Assigns work packages and actively manages all the pre-requisites to start the work package through active queuing system for real time status of all constraints 

  • Includes the daily progress quantities, rules of credit and manages any issues / delays supported digitally from end-to-end

  • Triggers notifications to quality, time sheets and closes-out work packages digitally

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Onsite Work Planning
Daily Progress & Hindrance Management

Daily Progress & Hindrance Management

This module presents real time dashboard representing field activities that can be utilized by your team to monitor and control daily progress with top critical constraint areas.

  • Dashboard represents daily tasks with automated report generation

  • Get a real time view of the top 5 critical areas for reduction in decision making time

  • The progress updated is instantly visible with a filter of contractor, work steps and dates

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Daily Progress & Hindrance Management

Geo-Plot Analysis

This module maps integrated, geolocation-based visualization of the project work break-down structures, the units, areas and work packages. With this module you can:

  • View the heat map in real time for works that are on the go, slowed down or halted and drill down to the details of the work package 

  • Digitally build and share the path of construction and use this as a training, communication and alignment tool for all project team members

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Geo Plot Analysis
Construction Equipment Management

Construction Equipment Management

This module digitally integrates a solution for equipment planning, utilization and monitoring as per maintenance schedule, need and procurement.

  • It is an equipment request and management system with workflows for planning, urgent, approvals and utilization of major equipment required on the project  

  • It is the centralized repository that holds Planned and Unplanned equipment deployment throughout the duration of the Construction execution

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Construction Equipment Management

Site Services Management

This module is a digitally integrated solution for services required as per work package.

  • It is a common portal for the Requestor, Supplier and Approver entities


  •  It enables a break-through innovation for estimating, controlling, and managing site services (e.g. heavy lifts, scaffolds, hydro test water, aggregate or concrete requests)

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Construction Site Services Management
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