Project Action Tracker is a very important module for quality assurance. As gaps in execution become apparent, actions are identified, routed and acted on in the tracker by the responsible person​. Construction Action Tracker is the most versatile project management tool available, trusted by premier construction management and utility firms to handle multibillion-dollar projects. It includes dashboards, reporting, document management, workflows, mobile support, pre-built construction forms, and more to help you manage your projects. Construction Action Tracker Project Management can be coupled with your other enterprise systems, ensuring that you always have access to all of your key project data.

Some of the features of this module are:

  • Provides visibility and accountability for the completion of the actions​
  • Provides heat map for outstanding actions

Steps for Action Tracker Project Management Module's Process:

Create an action first. Reporters can create an action based on a category of their choice, then assign an assignee to the task. The assignee will upload the document and send it to the reporter, who will review it and accept it if it meets the standard. If the task is not completed as expected, the reporter will request a revision, otherwise the reporter can view the status of all tasks on a single dashboard.