Quality Completions and Handover of Construction

About QCX

PACE offers complete traceability and management of all relevant documents associated with CWP's for record keeping and handover, while at the same time, system completions management system ITP's and documentation are compiled, verified and validated to provide the assurance and confidence to enable a progressive system turnover to CSU teams.

Benefits of QCX

Quality Completions and Handover of Construction

Quality Completions and Handover Modules

The modules are digitally integrated Quality and Cost Solutions from field execution to closeout and handover.

Quality Management

This module is a dynamic, in-process verification-based quality and work close-out management system that connects the supervisors with the quality group in real-time.

  • It fully integrates with quality Completions & Handover of construction check sheets respective to individual work packages and digital audits for handling exceptions

It helps to ensure reduction in rework by getting issues addressed while the trades are still at the job site

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Quality Management in Construction
Dynamic Quality Register

Dynamic Quality Register

This module encompasses digital quality packages to plan and monitor quality inspections with configurable checklists.

  • It creates, plans and monitors quality requests

  • It includes digital configurable checklists as per tasks

It ensures digital approvals of quality inspections and compilation test certificates

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Dynamic Quality Register

Time and Resource Tracker

This module is a digital cloud-based timesheet entry along with approvals integrated with work package based execution.

  • The system includes capturing of labor hours, equipment utilization hours, materials consumed, and services taken in an easy-to-use format 

  • It ensures fidelity of hours spent at a work step level within an Installation Work Package

  • It facilitates digital submissions and approval management process for an accurate back-up for billing of hours

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Construction Time and Resource Tracker
Action Tracker

Action Tracker

Action tracker is a digital solution for the numerous action items that are generated, catalogued, assigned and driven to closure across meetings, site inspections, audits and issues etc.

  • It integrates data to show the status of actions in real-time so users have insight on what is happening

  • It assigns tasks and track deadlines and milestones across the projects

  • It provides full visibility to all stakeholders

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Action Tracker

Close-Out and Handover Management

It is a digitally integrated solution to track and execute all inspections, testing and compliances. It streamlines project handoff enabling to meet quality, turnover and building commissioning requirements.

  • It is simple, fast and delivers efficient turnover of design packages, work packages with full digital development, progress and actual execution history in one consolidated location

  • It facilitates management of detailed close-out checklists with required exhibits, status, identification of submitting entity and receiving entity - all in one system

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Construction Project Closeout and Handover Management
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