Eliminate Incomplete Work

Trace all relevant work and avoid project delays

Manage Your Costs

Advanced analytics to control costs and stay in budget

Verified Quality Assurance

Complete the right steps to drive quality work

Maximize Your Project Quality While Staying in Budget

Digitally streamline your construction quality control, time sheets, and work package completion with PACE QCX – all in one integrated solution

Streamline processes, reduce rework, and lower costs

Identify and mitigate risks, ensuring compliance and safety

Comply with quality standards, industry regulations, and company practices

Verify the quality of supplied equipment and materials

Explore the QCX Modules

Quality Management

Effectively Address Issues
  • Provides visibility into inspection reports and quality records – a digital bank of all data
  • Connects the supervisors with the quality group in real time
  • Provides dynamic, in-process quality and work close-out management system
  • Automatically generates reports and gives 360 view to all projects with top 5 problem areas listed
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Dynamic Quality Register

Successfully Manage Quality Inspections
  • Create, plan and monitor quality requests with configurable checklists
  • Ensures digital approvals of quality inspections and compilation of test certificates
  • Maintain construction quality according to customer requirements
  • Address quality issues while meeting high demand for quality products, compliance & regulatory standards
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Time & Resource Tracker

Complete Tasks On Time
  • Captures labor hours, equipment utilization hours, and track materials used for every activity
  • Optimize resource use while reducing waste, ensuring project objectives are met in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensures fidelity of hours spent at a work step level within an Installation Work Package
  • Facilitates digital submissions and the approval management process for an accurate billing of hours
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Action Tracker

Drive Actions to Completion
  • View status of actions in real-time and get insights visible to all stakeholders
  • Assign tasks, track deadlines and milestones across the projects
  • Includes dashboards, reporting, document management, workflows, mobile support, pre-built construction forms and more
  • Can be coupled with your other enterprise systems, ensuring access to key project data at all times
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Closeout & Handover Management

All Testing and Compliances in One Place
  • Track, execute all inspections, testing and compliances – enabling you to meet quality, turnover and building commission requirements
  • Efficiently delivers turnover of design and work packages with complete development, progress and execution history
  • Facilitates management of detailed close-out checklists with exhibits, status, identification of submitting and receiving entities – all in one place
  • Allows management and control over all stipulated documents and certificates by IWP, CWP and System
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