About Teknobuilt

Helping the World Build Better


Teknobuilt is a company that believes in the future! We are an innovative construction technology company accelerating the Digital an AI platform to help all aspects of program management and execution for workflow automation, collaborative manual tasks and siloed systems.


To be a leading provider of technology solutions, systematically solving problems in capital facilities business with a focus on frontline execution.


A commitment to deliver the synergy of engineering, construction, technology, and business systems for unmatched integrated value to our clients. Break down disciplinary barriers to bring cross-functional innovative tools, techniques, and methods with value addition. Provide a comprehensive platform to communicate and collaborate at all levels of project and construction execution. 

Certification of Appreciation from Hyundai
Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) - RICS School of Built Environment
K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020
Allia Serious Impact - London Based Incubator
Award Ceremony
Finalist of Techfest
Innovate UK - Global Business Innovation Programme
Flag of India

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